Writing services

If you need words to persuade, inspire or engage; I can help.

I am a freelance copywriter and content writer based in Cheshire.

Let’s be honest, not everyone knows what these are … or how they differ (including my mum and dad!). So here’s the movie trailer version:

  • Copywriters tend to write things to persuade people to buy something. Copy is usually brief, such as in adverts and social media posts.
  • Content writers are more likely to write materials to engage or educate their reader. Content tends to be longer, such as in blogs and articles.

In reality there is an awful lot of overlap between them. So whether you are looking to persuade, engage or both; I can help!

What makes me good at writing copy and content?

  • A writing style which is chameleon-like and creative.
  • Experience writing in different styles for wildly different audience types.
  • Years of practice quickly figuring out business contexts and audiences (I was a management consultant in my former life).
  • A bachelors degree in Psychology. Sadly, it doesn’t help me read people’s minds but it does help me understand which communication techniques work.
  • Good at simplifying complex messages.
  • Lots of time spent working with people from different cultures and companies, so I know when to tone things down (or up!).

Wondering if you could write it yourself?

If you are good with words, then maybe you could. But not everyone is.

Be honest with yourself. If words aren’t your strong point – I can help you out.

What could I write for you?

Anything really, but generally I do the following:

  • Marketing campaign headlines/straplines
  • Marketing content (e-mail, websites, brochures, product sheets etc.)
  • Corporate communication materials
  • Case studies
  • Reports, e.g. white papers, industry/corporate reports, points of view
  • Presentations and speeches
  • Content for blogs
  • Video scripts
  • Training materials or manuals

If you had something else in mind please do still drop me a line. I’m always up for something a bit different.

What next?

If you’d like to chat to me about a project, message me and I’ll get back to you: viki@wordorchard.com


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash